About Us

Our business area COACHING & LEADERSHIP concentrates on individual and corporate coaching and leadership development with positive, organizational and behavioural psychology approaches. We use science-backed psychological theories to enable flourishing through behavioural transformation.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations to provide professional 1:1, team and group coaching.

We elevate individuals, teams and organizations by adopting applied positive psychology abundance approaches, like Appreciative Inquiry, Strengths, Psychological Capital and other applied positive psychology methods. These theories spotlight what is possible and aid striving for positive deviance hence, tackling challenges with the application of positive principles.

We at TAC believe wellbeing at work and in life can be innovated with diverse positive psychology interventions to achieve lasting performance and life satisfaction. Workplaces today and in future need an engaged and flourishing workforce to withstand complicated, ever changing and erratic work circumstances. Thus, we design simple yet sophisticated concierge curriculums that fit future workplace challenges.

Our History

For many years we have been regularly engaged in coaching and development assignments by individuals and organizations alike.

Since 2016 our COACHING & LEADERSHIP division has been continuously thriving with acquiring new knowledge on present-day coaching and leadership research as well as state of the art coaching tools.

Various collaborations with institutions and world-renowned thinkers followed.

From there, we continue to develop innovative coaching practices for individual and corporate clients, for example positive organisational leadership and individual leader development, in house group and team coaching training and advancement of positive leadership conversations. Down to the present day, our focal point is on bringing these novel coaching and leadership practices to individuals, teams and organizations and put people at the heart of our clients’ positive business change.

Our Mission

“Enable and elevate individuals/institutions to true potential

When it comes to coaching and leadership our passion is to lead individuals, teams and organizations to unique ways of doing things at work with innovative, researched interventions. Our mission is to encourage individuals and organisations to create an agile mindset that makes space for elevating positive experiences, to cultivate their best self and ultimately thrive in life and at work.

Contemporary practices of Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity and Positive Psychology equip individuals and institutions with innovative techniques to increase the rate of successful change initiatives and create lasting wellbeing at work and in life. Positive organisations with engaged and flourishing individuals are the future of a professional work environment and life.

Accreditation & Certification