Hacks To Turn Weakness Into Strength

The most common question asked in interviews is what are your strengths and weaknesses? Do we know enough about ourselves to identify our strengths and weaknesses? Let’s find out.

We often think strength is what we are good at; however, the meaning of strength goes beyond that. Strength brings us joy and makes our eyes sparkle while doing it.

The human mind focuses more on the negative aspects of life than the positive, and that’s where positive psychology comes to change the outlook toward life. It has become common for us to share our weaknesses, but we can’t think of one or two things upon asking about our strengths. By practicing positive psychology in our life, we can focus more on our strengths and identify them quickly.

Ask your friends, colleagues, and family members about the instances where they think you were on your best behaviour. Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself the same question; now, try to connect the dots if there is any similarity in any of the answers.In the same way, you can find out about your weaknesses.

Another common mistake people commit is leaving their strengths aside and trying to improve their weaknesses. In a world where everyone is going after perfection, choose to be your real authentic self. There is no harm in trying, but you don’t need to be harsh on yourself for lacking in something. Take it one day at a time.

Even the most skilled leaders of the world were not born perfect; they all worked their way around their weaknesses. Now that you understand that we can’t transform weaknesses into strengths overnight, let’s learn how to do it correctly.

  • Acceptance: You’re not perfect; nobody in the world is. Allow yourself to have weaknesses; it’s natural.
  • Guidance: Seek guidance from the people who care for you. They can openly tell ‘what and how’ of the areas you need to work on without an element of judgment.
  • Face Your Fears: You have already taken the first step by accepting your weaknesses. It takes strength to come out of your comfort zone. Now, make an action plan on how you are going to deal with it. Most of us know where we usually get stuck, and instead of ignoring it, be prepared with the plan this time.
  • Challenge Yourself: Do you remember how many times you fell down the bike while learning how to ride it? No. But you vividly remember the feeling when you thoroughly learned to ride it. No matter what, challenge yourself to stick to the plan. You only know the feeling when you experience it.
  • Celebrate The Small Success: The only person we should compare ourselves to is the past version of ourselves. You are the happiest when you overcome your weakness and see yourself changing. Don’t wait for the significant transformation to happen. Enjoy the discomfort and appreciate yourself for each small step taken towards transformation.
  • Help Others: One of the human’s strongest desires is to be understood. Find more people like you who need help, share your transformation journey with them, and share how you tackled all the difficulties. This way, you will motivate both yourself and others.

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