The Secret To Inner Peace Revealed

In this materialistic world where everyone is going crazy behind quick fixes and shortcuts to get what they want, choose to be calm and patient because oftentimes, slowly is the fastest way to achieve goals.

For people, the term peace is the new hype, but it has existed worldwide since its inception.

However, due to the new lifestyle, we are looking for options to distract us from reality. We think of peace as a drug to avoid the hardships of our lives. Peace is the quietness of mind; you feel stillness even amidst the storm. It can not be explained in words but only be felt through experiences.

Peace does not come and go with situations nor guarantees a difficulty-free life. It only changes our perspective toward handling the difficulty, making us feel light. The journey to attain peace is different for every individual; for some, it may take years, depending upon the intensity of how focused you are. Peace is not only for people experiencing pain in life; it is for all seeking happiness and mindfulness.

The secret to peace lies within you. You do not have to find it in the outer world. Follow some essential simple habits for a month, and you will notice a massive difference in your behaviour with others and how you respond to situations.

Spirituality:  It is the science of human growth for self-transformation. It contributes to finding meaning in life andprovides life satisfaction where we feel part of something larger than ourselves. The process involves self-transformation from mental cloudiness to pure consciousness to achieve inner peace and happiness.

Connect With Nature: Whenever possible, take time to breathe in the fresh air, walk barefoot on grass and find a sit spot; it is a way of optimizing and harmonizing the biology of our human nervous system. If you cannot go outside, doing a small activity like gardening or watering plants can also clear your mind.

Forgiveness: Don’t carry the burden of someone’s mistake with you. Release and let it go. Life is too short to hold on to pain. Detach yourself from it, grant pardon to the person who caused you trouble, and move on with your life.

Meditation: It’s more than just sitting in a quiet place with closed eyes. Meditation improves our focus; it teaches us to be focused on whatever we are doing and be present in the moment. If practiced diligently, wonders can be achieved in life.

Journalling: A very powerful tip to know what’s going on inside our mind and body. Write down everything that is making you anxious and the best solutions to them that you can think of. Practice it before bed or first thing in the morning, and you are all set for the day.

Restrict Screen Time: Excess of everything is bad for us. We have developed the pattern of checking our phones unnecessarily. Social Media is only meant to connect us with people, but when we use it to compare our lives with others, it starts to disturb our peace of mind. Try to avoid phone/laptop screens at least 2 hours before bed to have a sound sleep. Easier said than done but doesn’t everything seem hard at first?

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