Success & Happiness

Most of us strive for success by putting in endless hours as we believe happiness is the by-product of success. However, a review of 225 studies in the Psychological Bulletin observed that happiness doesn’t follow success. It’s the exact opposite. Happiness prompts success.

A happy person always sees a challenge or an obstacle as an opportunity to grow, and hence they often can gracefully become what they aspire to be. Whereas success means achieving your short-term objectives, long-term goals, and taking a step towards what you desire to be. Happiness is personal. Happiness is a joint effort achieved by success in both an individual’s personal and professional spheres.

However, we have often encountered many successful people being unhappy. Why is it so? We may frequently ask our companions or friends and family, “Are you happy?” and we don’t mean to ask them if they’re happy at the moment. What we mean to ask is, “Assuming that you check out your life, are you happy with regards to it?” The individual is reasonable, taking an output over different parts of their life to make a speedy evaluation.

Achievement of short-term objectives and long-term goals has never been easy for any of us. However, we mustn’t overlook the achievement of short-term objectives as these help in achieving long-term goals. We should try to be happy about whatever we have achieved to date so that we can move towards our ultimate goal with a positive outlook.

While it might feel like the quest for happiness is a new thing, it’s an ancient story. As per most research and surveys, happy people enjoy better outcomes in the workplace than their less happy peers. Happy employees probably will succeed in the workplace because they are more likely to do anything and everything possible for the success of their organization. Happy employees are more prone to be satisfied with their career and thus result in a better work environment and achievement of organizational goals.

To continue being successful, you need to continually have groundbreaking thoughts and new interests. You have to remind yourself why you started doing the thing that you are doing in the first place. Assuming that you arrive at the zenith of your success and stop – you will not be able to hold on to success. All of us are told that making specific achievements of progress in life is significant at a young age. We work to do well in school, get into college, have a prestigious career, and afterward reside in the right house or marry the ideal individual. This happiness and success journey goes on all through our lives.

There is a misguided judgment that every one of these things will satisfy us. The reality might be that none of these things genuinely have a say in our degree of happiness. What truly happens is we arrive at our singular objectives and feel happy for some time. At last, we want to define new goals to accomplish a considerably more elevated level of progress to get a similar buzz.

Our accomplishments have their set point. When we accomplish them, we feel happy. However, this joy doesn’t last long. When the condition is met, we begin searching for that next objective to pursue. What we may ultimately find is the possibility that happiness and satisfaction aren’t at all connected with defining goals and accomplishing them, however in tracking down that feeling of joy and happiness inside ourselves and in our day-to-day routine. Things being what they are, you may begin to derive that success doesn’t make you happy, yet happiness can create success.


The delighted individuals may even draw in progress with their inspirational perspective and energy. Happy managers also make happier employees as the Pygmalion effect works here. These managers tend to see the best in their subordinates, which likely means they invest time, energy, and effort. Thus, when these subordinates perform as per the expectations of their superiors, they feel satisfied.

Assuming you truly needed to pick between seeking a rundown of accomplishments that may make you feel happy and allowing success to come to you usually, which do you suppose could be less complex eventually? Knowing this, it’s likewise vital to look at certain things you can do to feel blissful right now.

Both happiness and success are interconnected in a way. Happiness influences your degree of success, and your degree of success affects your happiness.


Many of us are so enveloped in attempting to excel that we fail to remember that we can decide to be happy and content. Regarding the connection between happiness and success, we can surmise that we seek success while we obtain happiness.



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